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Love Like Blood - Sinister Dawn (Teksty)


Look at the new sunrise
Look at the western sky
And see my lawn growling
And see my lawn thrive and thrive
I hear a scornfull laughter
I hear a infernal noisce
An unknown car is among my tuups
And inside a horde of black dressed boys
Let the doomsday come.. My lawn
The horde is grinning at me
Their grin's so spitefully
And the windows's open
And the ringleader speaks to me
Hey sucker we're so hungry
We could eat a horse or two
We could put away a ton of food
And a barrel of barley juice
Oh lord oh lord oh holy
Oh lord what have i done
I shot their bollocks away
Their brains are lying in the sun
It was an emergency
It was a self defence
And who's gonna protect me now
Against such packs of terrorists


Swordlily's fingers grasp my hand
She smiled and said hello my friend
But her smile darknes all at once
As if a memory conquered her at once
As if a memory strangeled her at once
I will never talk anymore
I will never laugh anymore
All the people around me are so crude
All the sounds around are so rude
And memory overtakes me again...
Throw away my heart into this fire
Throw away my faith and desire
I'm not moved by anything
I don't wanna move for anything
Because it could be just anything
Why are you building me up
Why are you building me up
Just to see me tumbling down so down
Just to see me falling down so down
Just to tear apart again and again...
Like yesterday, where could he be
Like yesterday, where should he be
She was sad, sad, sad...
Oh people hold her tightfully
Oh people embrace her tightfully
Oh people keep a watchfull eye on her
She is sad...

"2 1/2 Years"

Red eyes hearts of hate
Noone knows it's her fate
A yelling crowd persecuting
A defenselles inferior women
The crowd moves closer and closter
With insulting words to her
Throw the brick sin redifined
They gonna sanctify the pain
See her ailing, hear her cry
In a dark and hazy night
Mam don't let them see you cry
Trouble trouble in the courthouse
Where have all the children gone

"Tragic Vaudeville"

The midnight train leaves the town
The moon shines down so bright
He holds the truth in hand so far
Lost on a holy ground
The moon shines through the lattice window
Tonight he cannot sleep
His time is running faster and faster
Pictures are passing by
Cold sweat's falling from his face
The fear the fear of death
He's lying on the floor in the cell of death
He's crying silent
This morning when the dawn will rise
He known he has to die
The day before the preacher spoke
But he can't believe him
The attendants bound his eyse
And grasp strong his arms
Their hands are cold
They never show any realizaton
He asks himself what could
Happen after the final shot
But at last he's only laughing
About the tragic vaudeville